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Northamptonshire View

Holidays In Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire

Theatres and Cinemas

Key Theatre, Peterborough. Occasionally has things worth seeing, including a recent recording of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue which was great fun. Sadly, Humph is now playing his trumpet elsewhere but surely it won't mean the end of Lionel Blair and Samantha jokes as they were the only thing funny to have happened in Peterborough in living memory.

Rutland Open Air Theatre, Tolethorpe Hall. The stage is outside but you are under cover. They boast that no performance has been cancelled due to the weather which makes for tricky theatre when it is very wet. You can picnic outside or eat in the restaurant in a lovely setting which might not be as grand as Glyndebourne; but that is 4 hours away (as compared to less than 30 minutes and about 15 times the price). Like the RSC, they now do more than Shakespeare and I am kicking myself for missing the Wind in the Willows in 2007. It will forever be a happy memory for us as it was the first play we took our daughter to. She sat through what is quite a long first half in absolute silence until a few minutes before the interval when she climbed onto my knee and whispered, 'This is a very long video'.

The Castle, Wellingborough. Sometimes a touring show makes it worth the trip.

Cambridge Arts Theatre. Undergraduate and professional shows that can be excellent. If it was my call, I would always have a look at what's on here as soon as you've booked as you will probably have a great evening and have the chance to tell people for years to come about the director or actor you have been watching since they were in their teens.

Cambridge Corn Exchange. I saw The Clash here in 1978 and little will match that but it has an interesting mix of acts.

Peterborough Showcase. Standard fare. Don't expect any arthouse stuff.

Kettering Odeon. Ditto. Possibly a couple of minutes closer.

Cambridge Arts Picture House. Sometimes it has one of those movies you really want to see again and a DVD just wouldn't be the same.

About ten years ago Oundle Cinema started showing movies in the Stahl Theatre in West Street. Owned by the school, this is a comfortable hall where you can watch the odd movie that got away.

Don't forget the final alternative. Each bedroom has a TV so you can rent a movie or download one as we have all learnt to do with Lockdown, buy a box of Maltesers and a decent bottle of wine and snuggle up for an early night. If you do this on your first night, by the time you have feasted on bacon, sausages and eggs for brekkie the following day you will be completely relaxed and in holiday mode while the long haul travellers are still trying to get comfortable at 36,000 feet; and that's assuming they have taken off by then.

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