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World Conker Championships

The World Conker Championships is held in early autumn each year. It used to take place on the village green in Ashton, but after nearly 50 years there was parting of the ways and the festivities moved to a temporary home nearby. Anyone can enter and all proceeds go to charities for the blind.

As well as the winnowing of 256 men and 64 women competitors down to two World Champions, there is dancing, beer, food, stalls, exhibitions and displays. To be honest, it is a display of English eccentricity and more like a gathering of the country cousins of the 'barmy army' than a sporting event.

The 2011 Championships was cancelled as winds were too high for marquee erection in the week before causing much chuntering about Health and Safety gone mad. There was even a leader in the Sunday Times on the subject; fame that rarely reaches our quiet corner of county.

After a hiatus in 2012 when cancellation of the main competition for want of a home nearly caused a schism in the conker world with competing 'championships' reminiscent of papal politics in the 14th century, a new permanent home was found in Southwick in 2013. The old fun returned with music, beer, conkers and some local eccentricity and it seems that this will be the permanent venue.

This year it will be held on 12th October. A great day out.

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