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Nene Valley Brewery

We confess to being a shareholder in Nene Valley Brewery which opened in 2011, initially in outbuildings in West Street in Oundle before expanding into Oundle Wharf. We brew over a dozen beers although not all are in stock at any one time; some are seasonal but all, we think, are good.

There is a shop at the brewery which is open from 4-7 on Fridays and 10-6 on Saturdays where you can sample the beers and buy either bottled or draft beer to take home. Many locals pop in and buy 4 pint 'growlers' or a 5 litre minicask of draft ale so that they can drink proper beer at home rather than tins of mass produced stuff bought cheaply in the supermarket. There are also brewery tours where you can hear how beer is made and taste for yourself how the different flavours are created. Call 01832 272776 to see when will be the next tour.

Nene Valley is one of the new wave of craft brewers where use of the best ingredients from all over the world is resulting in beers of a quality rarely seen before. You may shake your head and remain convinced that nothing can beat your Greene King IPA or Fuller's London Pride; come and try some of our beers and have your eyes opened. Our Porter won the second biggest beer festival in the land a couple of years ago, voted Champion out of over 400 entrants, so at least some beer drinkers agree.

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